Why Use Boards On The Wall Skateboard Deck Wall Mount?

Let’s start off with what a skateboard deck wall mount is. Our skateboard deck wall mount system allows you to exhibit your favourite deck art in your home. The bracket we provide is made in the UK using fine grade birch plywood and is super easy to install, with no drilling to your deck required.

We provide three different wall mounts: two, uniquely designed, vertical wall mounts and one horizontal wall mount, giving you a choice on how you want to show off your board.

You have the choice to store your skateboards decks on the wall in your living room, your bedroom or even your bathroom if you really want to. So why exactly would you use a Boards On The Wall skateboard deck wall mount?


Skateboard Deck Collections

Skateboarding is no longer just about heading to a skate park, hitting some ramps and showing off what tricks you can do, it’s become much more than that. One of the most hyped areas of skateboarding is the decks and the unique designs that they carry.

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of skateboard decks have been designed, created and sold and it’s at the point where some skateboards decks aren’t bought to even ride anymore, instead, they are purchased as a collectable item. Skateboard deck collections can just be a collection of personal decks that a skater has had throughout their life or it could be a collection of limited edition decks. To put into perspective how precious skateboard decks can be, in the past there have been skateboard decks that have sold for $30,000.

If you have a skateboard deck collection yourself, rather than have them sitting under your bed, or stored away in a cupboard, a Boards On The Wall deck wall mount is the best way to show them off. There is no drilling on your deck required, so you don’t have to worry about potentially damaging your collection either.

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Memorable Boards

If you are a skater and have been skating for many years, then perhaps you have one board that means something to you. Maybe it was the first skateboard you ever rode or maybe it’s the one you completed your first ollie with, or whatever it may be there’s a good chance there’s a board that means more to you than the others. Rather than keeping it stored away in your shed, garage or wherever it may be hidden away, why not give it the appreciation it deserves?

Display your memorable board on the wall so every time you walk past it, you can embrace the story behind it even more and share it with your friends and family. Have it on display in your bedroom, living room or wherever you think it’s best suited with a BOTW wall mount system!

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Design Your Own Boards

If you are an artist or enjoy designing/painting in your spare time then creating your own skateboard deck is the perfect idea for you. Sure, a skateboard deck isn’t the first thing you think about painting or designing something on, but that’s the best bit. It’s something unique and creative that is guaranteed to catch the eyes of your followers and friends!

As mentioned above, you don’t ever have to ride the skateboard, just keep it to be able to show off your awesome, unique designs.

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With the BOTW deck wall mount, you can choose to display your boards in a vertical or horizontal manner. The best wall mount for you will depend on the design you go for!

If you paint a skyline, the horizontal one may be best, whereas, if you paint a skyscraper, perhaps the vertical will be the best option for you! Maybe it’s best to just go with both!