Top Skateboarding Cities Around The World

It goes without saying that skateboarding is one of the most popular sports and lifestyles across the globe. No matter what continent, country or city you find yourself, you will always be able to find skateboarders roaming around. Today, in no particular order, we take a look at the top skateboarding cities around the world.


Barcelona, Spain

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Arguably the most famous skateboarding city in the world, we start with Barcelona. There are tons of unique, innovative skateboarding spots in the city which fits in perfectly with all the innovative buildings and architecture that can be found in the area.

Alongside the beautiful and iconic skateboarding spots, you also have the stunning weather. Across the summer temperatures are sizzling, with it being mostly hot and dry: the perfect weather for skateboarding.

Los Angeles, USA

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Next up we have another one of the most iconic skateboarding cities in the world, Los Angeles. Although it has become harder to skate in the city, due to stricter police enforcement, there are still many amazing skateboard spots. Whether it is a local school playground or a path on the beach front, you can always find a great spot in LA.

Not to mention, you also have the dazzling sun beaming down over the palm trees which really sets the scene for you. To some, Los Angeles could almost be considered as a skater’s paradise.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen is one of the most advanced cities in the world, and also one of the most environmentally friendly too. It is home to some awesome skateboarding spots which are often described as “futuristic” and “diverse”. More so, it is also home to the CPH Open Contest: an annual skateboarding contest that moves around multiple cities across multiple days.

Whether you are travelling for the CPH Open Contest, or for any other reason, Copenhagen is definitely in the list for the top skateboarding cities in the world.

San Francisco, USA

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We are heading back to the USA but this time we are visiting the classic location, the mother of skateboarding cities, San Francisco. Home to many of the world’s most popular skateboarding brands, including Thrasher Magazine, San Francisco definitely finds itself in the list of the top skateboarding cities across the globe.

As you will already know, San Francisco is famous for its extremely hilly settings. Although this may make it harder for some to traverse across the city, for skateboarders it allows them to travel at top speeds they can’t hit anywhere else.

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Berlin, Germany

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Berlin has become home to a large number of the younger generation who share similar interests: skateboarding, graffiti and art. It has become a popular city for such kinds due to the diverse skateboarding spots that can be found. Many areas across Berlin have been reconstructed over the past few years which have created a huge variety of skating spots.

We have included Berlin in the top skating cities in the world list, not only for the physical skateboarding spots that can be found, but also for the city’s awesome street culture.

So there we have some of the top skateboarding cities in the world. There are many other top skateboarding cities that do deserve a special mention, including: Guangzhou, Moscow, Brasilia & Melbourne. No matter which city you find yourself in, you are always going to be able to find some incredible and unique skateboarding spots, which is what makes the sport so special.