Skate Deck Hangers Made in the UK from FSC Certified Plywood

Being eco-friendly is something we take very seriously. Here at Boards On The Wall, we care about the impact we have on the environment and are doing what we can to operate as environmentally-friendly as possible.

One way we are doing our part is that all of our products are made in the UK, within our workshop, from FSC certified Plywood.


What Is FSC Certified Plywood?

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The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are a non-profit organisation who promote responsible forestry. The organisation inspects and certifies forests across the world ensuring they meet the highest environmental and social standards.

Once a forest’s inspection is complete, if the forest meets the required environmental, social and economic standard, it will receive FSC certification. The plywood that we use for our Boards On The Wall products always comes from an FSC certified forest, which is why they are labelled as ‘made from FSC certified plywood’.

Using this type of plywood protects forests and the environment from deforestation, alongside illegal harvesting.

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Made In The UK

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Boards On The Wall are proud to say we are a British manufacturer. Our products are manufactured and packaged in our very own workshop located in Manchester, England.

In recent years manufacturing in Britain has become less popular as a large proportion of businesses choose to manufacture their products overseas. However, we find manufacturing our products locally ourselves is not only more productive, it also remarkably reduces our carbon footprint.

The amount of transportation and energy we use is significantly less than if we were to manufacture products overseas, allowing us to be even more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, operating in Manchester allows us to increase the number of jobs in the local area, with us already employing 10+ staff members.

We will continue to do our best to operate as environmentally friendly as possible with it always being a main priority when assessing and evaluating business decisions.