Introducing Our New Skateboard Deck Wall Mount Designs!

We have expanded our range to include two more variations of our innovative and reliable solution to mounting your skateboard on the wall!

With our new deck wall mounts we want to give you more flexibility and options on how YOU want to show off your favourite skate deck art.

So, what’s new?


Standard Skateboard Deck Wall Mount V2

Taking inspiration from our V1 deck wall mount we have simply spiced up the design of our first version. Turning to a curvier and flowing design this version adds a bit more fun to the plywood plate.

Installation of the Wall Mount V2 is the same as our other vertical mount - you can learn more about HERE. With both it’s an absolute breeze to get your board hanging up. Transform your room with some iconic deck art in minutes!

This design takes inspiration from the strong shapes and designs made popular by pop art of the 50’s 60’s why not pair it with some deck art from the same era? For some inspiration, there are official skateboard art prints from iconic pop artists like Keith Haring (also known for bold stylised lines and shapes) and other modern artists that utilise abstract shapes like Yayoi Kusama that would pair great with this design!

But if you’re just looking to remind yourself of some great memories of your scruffy old beaten up first deck then this is board mount is going to equally look the part!

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What comes in your Vertical Skate Deck Wall Mount Package!

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How your vertically mounted skateboards could look!

Horizontal Skateboard Wall Mount

With our latest drop we’ve also introduced a wall mount deck that allows you to mount your deck on the wall horizontally. A great deal of deck art is designed to be looked at horizontally, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity for you to show it off the way it was meant to be seen!

To mount your deck this way you follow the exact same steps but twice, one for each side of the board. You can either choose the outer or inner holes, it’s your choice! This deck mount like all our others makes sure your board is secure and safely attached to the wall.

Hanging your board horizontally opens the canvas of a skateboard greatly. You can find deck art that uses a lot more words, as they have more room to fit – check out #2 of our Most Expensive Skateboards In History for some inspiration there.

There are plenty of iconic boards that you can also get inspiration from for displaying horizontal deck art. Think of Randy Colvin’s iconic provocative 1991 World Industries board designed by Marc Mckee or Kenny Scharf’s surrealist creatures!

Being Eco-friendly is Something we Take Very Seriously at BOTW. Learn More.

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What comes in your Horizontal Skate Deck Wall Mount Package!

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Example of you could display your skateboard horizontally! 

We’re always looking for new ways to expand so if there’s anything you want to see from us let us know!