Skateboard Deck Wall Art - The New Trend

When it comes to decorating your home, hanging a skateboard deck on the wall isn’t the first thing you would think of doing, however, displaying skateboard deck wall art in your home has become one of the latest trends. 


Since the early skateboarding days, deck art has always played a huge role in skateboarding culture. Deck art gives skaters the freedom to decide what they represent when skating on their board, whether it's their favourite brand, their team or simply a design that shows off their vibe. 

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Over the years, the popularity behind deck art has developed and grown so much that it now holds a firm spot in the modern art world. We’ve seen hundreds of artists, such as Christopher Wool, Paul McCarthy and Ryan McGuinness, turn to skateboard decks as a canvas for their work and create some truly wonderful masterpieces. Moreover, in 2020 there was an art exhibition that took place in Lyon, entirely for skateboard deck art with hundreds of visitors excited to see the incredible artwork.

There are some skateboard decks that boast such unique or extravagant art that they are no longer wanted for skating on, instead, they are more of a collectable item. These highly sought after boards are usually the result of a collaboration between two brands, when a limited number of the skateboard decks are released. In the past, some of the most desired skateboard deck designs have sold for up to $38,000.

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This year, things have gone one step further and people are now using skateboard decks as wall art to decorate their homes. The latest trend has seen people all over the world re-decorate their homes by hanging their favourite skateboard decks on their walls. There are several reasons why people are choosing to hang skateboard decks in their homes, which you can see here, but the main reason is because it looks awesome and stylish. The fact that no-one really thinks of decorating their walls with skateboard decks is what makes skateboard deck wall art so unique! 

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Just how skateboard deck art gives skateboarders the freedom to express themselves when skating, skateboard deck wall art now gives you the opportunity to express yourself in your own home.

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