Different Skateboard Deck Shapes Explained!

Most people presume that every skateboard deck is the same shape and size, however, as skateboarding has developed over the years, there are a range of different skateboard deck shapes that have been designed for different purposes.

Some boards are specifically shaped for the sole purpose of completing tricks and ramp skating, whereas other boards are shaped specifically for a more comforting ride to get from ‘A to B’.


Modern Shape

The modern (aka popsicle) shape, also known as the street skateboard deck shape, is the most common skateboard deck shape.

When you see someone riding a skateboard, it is most likely going to be a modern shaped board. Why? Well, due to its symmetrical design, a modern shaped board is the most versatile to ride and can be ridden for almost any purpose. Most skateboarders learn to ride using a modern shaped board, and so, most continue to ride them throughout their skateboarding life. 

A modern shaped board is perfectly symmetrical, with long smooth edges and rounding off towards the nose and tail of the board. The nose and tail are both slightly upturned too, allowing the skater to easily switch stance when skating.

Moreover, with the symmetrical design this shaped board offers a clean, neat looking wall decoration when using one of our skateboard deck wall mounts.

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Cruiser Shape

The cruiser shape has a couple of different names that it is also referred to as: the bowl shape or the old-school deck.

The cruiser shape is a little wider and has a shorter nose than the popsicle shaped boards and also features a slight dip in the tail. Ultimately, the shape of this deck results in a more secure and stable board, resulting in the perfect shape for transportation or bowl skating. 

Although cruiser shaped decks were most popular in the 1980’s, hence it’s alternative name ‘the old-school deck’, you will still see some classic skateboarders rocking the cruiser shaped decks to get around the city.

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Penny Shape

The penny skateboard shapes are one of the most interesting designs as it looks quite similar to a popsicle shaped board, however, there are a few differences between the two.

First off, the penny shape is slightly shorter and a little wider than the popsicle shape, resulting in a more comforting ‘A to B’ ride. Secondly, penny shaped boards are often made from bamboo, in comparison to normal skateboard decks that are made from maple wood.

One of the most famous penny shaped boards to be made, is the ‘Penny Board’. As mentioned above, typical penny shaped boards are made from bamboo and/or maple, however, Penny Boards are famous for their plastic material.

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Fishtail Shape

The fishtail shape is rather different from the rest of the skateboard shapes, as it is most commonly used for longboarding which is almost a completely different sport to skateboarding. Unlike skateboarding, longboarding is much more about longer-distance cruising and travelling. To account for this, longboards are much longer and more flexible than your typical skateboard. 

As you can see in the image, the name ‘fishtail shape’ comes from the cut at the rear end of the board resembling a fish’s tail.

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