Create Custom Skateboard Deck Art With Our Deck Art Kits

Here at Boards On The Wall, we celebrate skateboarding creativity in the UK and around the world. We believe that when the skateboarding and art worlds collide, some of the most wonderful and spectacular creations are born which is one of the reasons we are excited to release our new Skateboard Deck Art Kits!


BOTW's Deck Art Kits are a great and fun way for children to spend their time and to get their creative juices flowing. Each pack comes with 3 different unprimed plywood skateboard decks that are ready 

Once your kids have finished designing and creating their own deck art, using a BOTW wall mount, it can be easily displayed in their room! Choose to have it placed above their bed, on their door, or anywhere they might fancy. The choice is entirely theirs!

But it's not just the kids that get to enjoy, our the Deck Art Kits are ideal for adults too! Everyone's got an arty side and our new kits give you the chance to get stuck in and get creative on something you've not tried before.

Different canvas shapes are fairly common in art but we'll bet you won’t have used a skateboard deck as a canvas before. It's a blank slate for you to try something new, there are no rules, just get stuck in and have fun!

Once you have finished your masterpieces, the boards work perfectly with a BOTW skateboard deck wall mount so your wonderful creations can be used as wall art around your home.

Here's one we made as some inspiration!

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There are two different Deck Art Kits available: the Retro Multipack and the Street 8” Multipack. 

The Retro Multipack

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The Retro Multipack includes 3 retro shaped plywood boards: the 'Penny', 'Cruiser' and 'Fishtail'.

Each board is made from unprimed plywood and ready for you to begin decorating. 

The Street 8” Multipack

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This Deck Art Kit from Boards on the Wall includes 3x 8" wide street-deck style shaped plywood boards.

These unprimed plywood boards are ready for you to get creative and create original wall-art for the home. 


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