Awesome Skateboard Deck Art Ideas For You To Create

With a Boards On The Wall Skateboard Deck Art Kit, you can create and design your very own skateboard deck art!

There are endless possibilities for what designs you could use to decorate your skateboard deck and we have created a list of some of the best ideas you could follow!


Jackson Pollock Style

One of the most creative ways to design your skateboard deck, is in Jackson Pollock style. Jackson Pollock is one of the most iconic painters in history, most commonly known for his unique technique of splashing or pouring paint onto the canvas.

Pollock would cover the base of the canvas in one colour and drip and splash different colours of paint over the base. Creating your own skateboard deck art using this method is tons of fun, and allows you to create unique and awesome designs.

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Portraits are visual representations of people and some of the most popular types of art in history. Prior to cameras, portrait paintings were the only way to keep a record or document of someone’s visual appearance. Arguably, the most famous portrait of all time is the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Portraits are by no means easy to paint, and only skilled artists will be able to complete a detailed portrait for skateboard deck art. Don't let that put you off though, they don't need to be picture perfect, think of caricatures and cartoons. Don't focus on the details, just have fun with trying to draw someone!

Creating a portrait on a skateboard deck is super creative and enjoyable. The best part is, you can choose who you the portrait is of! You may choose yourself, a family member, a pet or your favourite celebrity!

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Now you've made your beautiful skate deck art - Learn how to easily mount it on your wall!

Abstract Art

Rather than representing a depiction of a visual reality, abstract art features a variety of different shapes, colours and forms. When creating abstract art, you have complete freedom to create what you like, giving you the ability to express your emotions.

Consequently, no two pieces of abstract art are ever the same. With our Skateboard Deck Art Kit, you may want to design an abstract skateboard deck. By creating an abstract art design on your skateboard deck, you will be able to create some truly weird, yet wonderful, designs. 

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Looking for some more inspiration? Learn how to make a Mandala pattern on your skateboard deck art kit!

Graffiti/Street Art

Graffiti and street art was born at a similar time to skateboarding and they both share a fair amount of the same characteristics: rebelliousness, creativity and, most importantly, the street. From this, both graffiti/street art and skateboarding have been heavily intertwined with one another from the beginning. With the connection between the two, graffiti and street art is a popular skateboard deck art idea to follow.

Graffiti and street art can come in many forms: cartoon, text, murals and much more. Take a look at some of the best street artists in and around Manchester for some inspiration!  How you choose to design your skateboard deck is entirely up to you.

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Grab your own Skate Deck Art Kit here and get creative!