How to Mount a Skateboard on The Wall

We all have a favourite board, one that holds a special place in our hearts. Maybe it was your very first board, one that reminds you of a certain spot you discovered with it or maybe it’s a collectable you managed to find for a steal from a car boot sale.

Whatever your story with it is, something that holds so many memories shouldn’t just be shoved under a bed or hidden away in a closet, it should be pride of place in your house! Boards on the Wall allows you to mount your skate deck onto the wall with ease. 


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The Best Skateboard Deck Wall Mount

Boards On the Wall is a simple solution to hanging your deck on the wall without any damage to your board. Quick and easy to install, our deck mount solution is strong, secure and is a great way to show off your board in all its glory!

The deck mount is held to the wall with a screw (and wall plug to avoid unnecessary damage to the wall) and involves no drilling on your deck. The long bolts attached to the mount hold your board slightly off the wall as if it’s floating so you won’t risk any unnecessary damage to the wall.

Made from fine grade birch plywood with stainless steel bolts BOTW is a sturdy solution to showing off your favourite boards in style!

Being eco-friendly is something we take very seriously at BOTW - Read More

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How to Hang Your Skateboard on the Wall

Installing your Boards on The Wall couldn’t be easier! See this quick setup guide below to get an idea of how easy it is -

Our deck mount makes it a breeze to hang your skateboard vertically, but if you want to mount your board horizontally we have you covered too! The process is just as easy for horizontal mounting, just take care when measuring the distance between the trucks and install the same way!

It’s easy to swap boards if you want to mix up what you have on display too. Simply undo the dome nuts, put another board in place and put the nuts back on! It gives you infinite options whether you’re looking to show off your favourite board, display a rarity or just spice up your walls!