Manchester Street Art - Your Guide To The Top Names

Manchester is the home of UK street art. The city is glittered with thousands of wonderful pieces of artwork created by a wide variety of incredible artists. There are various locations in the city famous for its street art.

The location most commonly known for its artistic nature is the Northern Quarter. The Northern Quarter is the city’s heaven for art and creative freedom with astonishing street art to be seen on most of the walls in the area. Not too far away you can also find the phenomenal Islington Mill, home to some of the most remarkable artists in the UK.

Even if you are passing through the outskirts of the city, there is bound to be a stunning piece of art just around the corner from you. Many world-famous artists travel specifically to Manchester for the opportunity to gaze upon the spectacular creations and to add their own masterpieces to the city’s portfolio. Additionally, there are a few local artists that are lucky enough to have the city of street art on their doorstep. 


Luke Passey

Luke’s work mainly consists of vibrant, abstract patterns and shapes. His creations are usually completed inside of rectangular or square shape, giving them a clean, cutting-edge look. On his Instagram page, his most common practice appears to be street art on various walls around the city. However, after completing art pieces on the fronts of stores/restaurants, inside of cafes and even on a skateboard deck, it is safe to say that Luke’s work is truly diverse. From the work visible on his Instagram profile, it seems one of his favourite places to create art is Manchester’s Northern Quarter.


Akse P19 Crew

Arguably the most famous Manchester based artist is Akse. Akse has been spray painting and creating street art in the UK since 1992 and has since racked up over 70,000 followers on Instagram. He specialises in creating murals of celebrities of famous characters on street walls all around the UK, although the majority of his artwork has been completed in his hometown, Manchester. If you are ever heading through any part of Manchester and you spot a mural in the street, chances are, it was painted by Akse. One of Akse’s most famous pieces of street art was his George Floyd mural painted in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. More recently, another one of Akse’s masterpieces went viral after he completed a large mural of the Manchester United striker, Marcus Rashford, on the side of a cafe in Withington. His artwork is truly incredible and it’s pleasing to see that Akse is starting to gain the recognition and following that he deserves. 

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John Powell-Jones

During the introduction, we briefly mentioned Islington Mill. Islington Mill is an iconic location for art in Manchester. It is home to over 50 super-talented resident artists and is filled with studios which boast creative opportunities for artists to express themselves. One artist who can call the mill their home is John Powell-Jones. Expressing themself through audio & visual arts, John’s work is a combination of illustration, fine art and traditional print. Most of the art that John creates consists of a mixture of past and present, uncanny interests including: mythology, witchcraft, the occult, horror, animations and cartoons. His work is most definitely unusual yet spectacular at the same time.


Danny Satchell

Born in Oldham, Danny Satchell often finds himself living and working between his hometown and the Salford area of Manchester, where he went to university. Danny is a painter/videographer who’s artwork mainly consists of interesting and unique figurative pieces. He often describes his own art as weird or dark, and as much as they fit his description, his pieces are also fascinating and wonderful. More recently, Danny has been completing a variety of figurative pencil sketches and oil pastel drawings. 

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Nomad Clan

Cbloxx and Aylo are a duo of extremely talented artists that make up the awesome Nomad Clan. Although their hometown is Manchester, the pair do travel to different countries to spread their creativity across the globe. Nomad Clan’s art pieces are most commonly murals completed on large walls around city centres. Each of Nomad Clan’s murals are individually designed and created to celebrate the surrounding area by focusing on the local history and to also bring attention to the socio economic issues in the area. Since their beginning, the duo have picked up several awards over the years, and has been named one of the top 5 female street artists in the world by The Guardian.



Qubek is a truly talented artist, who is responsible for the creation of hundreds of spectacular street art around Manchester. Qubek is one of the most diverse artists out there, specialising in a variety of art styles: graffiti, murals, abstract art and much more. His designs and art pieces themselves are always unique and different from the last. One may consist of vibrant shapes and colours, the next could be a realistic mural of an animal. Consequently, you never know what masterpiece he will create next, which makes his work even more exciting. One of Qubek's most famous pieces of street art was a tribute, commissioned by Manchester Evening News, to the 22 who unfortunately lost their lives in the Manchester bombing.   

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