Kids Skateboard Deck Art Ideas

The Boards On The Wall Deck Art Kit is a fun and unique way to get your children’s creative juices flowing. The Deck Art Kit gives them the chance to create and design their very own skateboard deck art. The best part is, they have complete freedom to design it however they like! For some inspiration, we have created some skateboard deck design ideas for kids. 


Their Name

This skateboard deck art idea is simple, yet a favourite amongst children: their name. By illustrating their name on the skateboard deck, it gives the artwork a personal touch and makes for a perfect piece of bedroom decor. The style of which their name is drawn, is completely their choice! Your child may want to complete it in any of the following styles: Graffiti, Calligraphy or Bubble Writing.

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One of the best design ideas that really gets your kids in the creative spirit is using their own hands! Children absolutely love getting messy and so, one of the most enjoyable ways for them to decorate their skateboard deck is using their hands. Whether they choose to go for handprints of the same colour or use a variety of different ones, it is entirely up to them! Having your children design a skateboard deck with their handprints makes for a perfect gift for a family member or relative!

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What do all children love? Animals! When it comes to animals, there are a few different ideas for your child. On their skateboard, they may want to simply draw one of their favourite animals to fill the whole of the deck. They may want to have 4 or 5 smaller drawings of their favourite animals together, or, they could simply design their skateboard with different animal patterns and colours. For example, they may want to have tiger stripes, zebra stripes, giraffe spots or a complete mixture! As each Deck Art Kit comes with 3 boards, they can do one for each!

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Natural Paintbrushes

Using natural paintbrushes is a truly fun and exciting way for your child to create their own skateboard deck art. A natural paintbrush could be a leaf they find on a walk, it could be sticks of spaghetti from the kitchen or even a pine cone from the garden! There are endless possibilities for what your child can use. The best part is, each item used creates its very own, unique pattern and design!


These are just some of the many designs your child can choose from when using a Boards On The Wall Deck Art Kit! You can use some of these ideas for inspiration, but in reality, it is best to let your child go wild and see what they can create using their own amazing imagination!

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