How to Hang A Skateboard on the Wall in 5 Easy Steps

There are plenty of different methods to hang a skateboard deck on your wall but a lot of them are too fiddly, confusing, or won't reliably keep your board up!

Boards on The Wall is a quick and easy solution to get your deck up on the wall in no time. Our strong and secure skateboard wall mount is guaranteed to keep your board on the wall and show off your deck to look the best it can.

Not only does our wall mount keep your board safe and looking the best it can - you can hang your deck in no time at all - check out our quick video guide below!


To go through it in more detail follow along to our 5 easy steps below! 

Step 1

Thread both of the long bolts through the back of the plywood plate.

Secure them in place by putting a washer over the bolts and a nut to hold it down. You can use a 7mm spanner to tighten the nuts to make sure they’re secure.

Screw the other 2 nuts onto the long bolts so they're about halfway down.

skateboard decks on wall, skate deck wall mount

Step 2

Make a mark on the wall where you want your screw to go in. Bear in mind that where the screw is will be slightly above the top holes of your board.

Screw the plywood plate into the wall with either a drill or a cross-head screwdriver.

There is an optional wall plug included in the packaging that you can use for more security!

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Step 3

With the plate now on the wall, slide your deck onto the two long bolts, far back enough that it's not going to fall off.

skateboard wall mount, skateboard mount

Step 4

Screw the dome nuts to the end of the bolts, pull your board to the dome nuts and tighten the nuts behind the board so the board is secure. Again, you can use a 7mm spanner to make sure all the nuts are tight and secure.

how to hang a skateboard on the wall, how to hang skateboards

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Step 5

Step back and admire your Board!

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Boards on The Wall makes it easier than ever to display your skate deck on the wall. For under a tenner, and with free shipping worldwide you can transform the look of your room in under 5 mins.

With options for both vertical and horizontal the ways of spicing up your room with some deck art are endless!