Hang Your Skateboard Deck Horizontally in 5 Easy Steps

Displaying skateboard decks around your home has become increasingly popular over the years. One of the best things about hanging your skateboard decks on your walls is that you have complete freedom over how it looks.

You can choose exactly which decks to display, whether they’re mounted vertically or horizontally, if they are displayed in a certain pattern, you have the freedom to do what you like.


The rotation at which a skateboard deck is mounted, often comes down to whether the skateboard deck art is displayed vertically or horizontally. As horizontal skateboard deck art has become more common, more and more people are looking for ways to mount skateboard decks on their walls horizontally. 

Here at Boards On The Wall, we provide both vertical and horizontal skateboard deck wall mounts. Our horizontal deck mount is easy to set up and let’s you display your favourite skateboard decks in awesome fashion. To help you get setup, here is a quick and simple guide on how to hang a skateboard on the wall horizontally.

Step 1

The following will need to be completed for both the plywood plates.

Insert the long bolts through the back of the bottom two holes in the plywood plate. 

On the front side of the plate, place a washer over each of the bolts and secure them in place using a nut. To tighten the nuts, use a 7mm spanner.

When tightened, then place another two nuts onto the long bolts and screw them until they are around half way down the bolts.

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Step 2

Next up, you need to measure the distance between the holes in your skateboard deck (where the trucks go).

Once you have the measurement, you will need to draw two dots (the same distance apart) on the wall where you want the screw to go.

Screw one plywood plate into the wall where one dot is drawn, and then screw the other plate into the wall where the other dot is drawn.

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Step 3

Now that the plates are securely attached to the wall, you are now ready to mount your board onto the wall.

It is important to note that you must first remove the trucks off your deck first. (link to remove trucks blog)

Once you have removed the trucks and wheels off your skateboard deck, you can simply slide your skateboard deck onto the bolts.

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Step 4

Screw the dome nuts onto the ends of the long bolts and slide the deck as close to the dome nuts as possible.

Now tighten the nuts behind the board, using a 7mm spanner if needed.

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Step 5

You have successfully finished hanging your skateboard deck on the wall horizontally. Take a step back and enjoy!

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