How to Display Skateboard Deck Wall Art

Art and creativity have always at the heart of skating. The unmotivated ‘dropout’ stereotype that surrounds skaters couldn’t be further from the truth! Skating culture has evolved far beyond that of the sport over the years and as it grows in popularity it’s no surprise that skating related imagery is commonplace in a lot of people’s homes nowadays. With Boards on The Wall, you can embrace this trend and show off your favourite deck art proudly in your home!

Deck art has always been a key part of skateboard culture, whether it's about representing your team/brand or showing off your own individuality with a board that represents your vibe.

Designs have evolved over the years and reacted to the times, from embracing pop culture imagery and brandishing political messages to minimal approaches and more abstract designs.


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Increase in Popularity of Skateboard Wall Art

In recent years the art world has seen an increase in popularity of skate deck art. Collections from the likes of Supreme and official board prints from top tier artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst and Ai Weiwei have taken skateboards from under our feet and put them on the walls.

Say what you will about the gentrification of skating, but skateboard art decks hold a firm place in the art world nowadays, and rare collectable decks can go for thousands online and at auctions!

Skating continues to grow as a sport – with its inclusion in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics – at the same time nostalgia and the popularity of the ‘vintage’ aesthetic develops exponentially. As more people begin to learn about skating they look back to its grassroots and how it came to be the global entity it now is. This highlights a couple of responses for the rise in popularity of skate deck wall art:

Those that skated back in its ‘heyday’ around the ’70s and ’80s will be old enough to buy some of the old vintage collectable boards they used to ride to re-live their past. Though they may not be as young and fit as they once were to take to the streets as often they still want to display things that are personal to and represent a key part in their lives. Putting an old favourite board on the wall is the perfect way to do this!

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On the other end of the spectrum; as younger generations learn about skating the breadth of online resources available make it easy to understand how skating has evolved and grown. With millennials being a generation that is obsessed with nostalgia (the 2010s is dubbed by some as the ‘Neo-nostalgia decade’) you can begin to understand how vintage board designs and aesthetics have made it onto our walls.

The artworld is always expanding and looking for new and exciting subcultures to take cues from in order to stay current. Not to mention there have been multiple booms in the art world based around ‘shaped' or irregular canvases.

Modern art wants to push boundaries and look for new and exciting ways to display work so it’s no surprise that they’re turning to iconography from other growing popular subcultures to find their answers.

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Does Skate Deck Art belong on my walls?

Though it may seem like a strange prospect at first, there are plenty of ways you can build a skate deck into your interior design. Thanks to the design of BOTW your deck is not resting on the wall, but rather looks like it’s hovering off it. Combine this with some light fixtures behind it and you have a really eye-catching wall display!

One of the beauties of skate deck wall art is its accessibility. The official artist prints and rare collectable boards only represent the top 1% of skateboard wall art. There is no shortage of new designs being put to boards all around the world.

Learn How to Display Skateboard Deck Wall Art

Another reason to embrace skate deck art in your home is how easy it is to change the board you’re displaying!

Simply undo the end dome nuts, swap out one board for another and put the dome nuts back on. It takes a minute and gives your room a completely different feel.

Skating and art share the same passion for creativity and finding your own way to achieve what you want to, so why not print your own deck art for display. Boards on the Wall works with any standard skateboard deck so there’s no stopping what you can display!

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How do you display Skateboard Deck Wall Art?

Boards on the Wall offers the ideal solution to make the most of this growing trend and put your skate decks on full display. The wall mount is easy to install, requires no drilling on your deck and is a reliably strong and secure way of getting your deck on the wall.

With options for both horizontal and vertical mounting, you can choose the ideal way for your board to be seen in your room. Check out how easy is it to get your favourite board up with Board on The Wall below!