How To Create Your Own Skateboard Deck Wall Art: Mandala Pattern

With the new Boards On The Wall Skateboard Deck Art Kit, you are able to create your very own skateboard deck art to use as wall art around your home!

Each kit comes with 3 blank, plywood boards for you to design and decorate however you like. It’s the perfect way to express your inner creativity and show off your awesome, original artwork!


One design idea you may want to follow when creating your own skateboard deck wall art is the Mandala pattern. A Mandala is a circular, abstract pattern consisting of irregular, repeating patterns.

Step 1: Gather Your Items

To get started on designing your own skateboard deck wall art, you will need to grab the following items and have them ready to use:

  • BOTW Skateboard Deck Art Kit
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint (your choice of colour)

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Step 2: Create Pencil Markings

Next, using your pencil, you will need to find the centre of the skateboard deck and create a circular spot in the middle. Then, create a cross shape of dots as seen in the image below. The distance between each set of dots should increase the more you draw.

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Step 3: Connecting The Dots

Once the dots are in place, again using your pencil, you will need to connect the dots so they create , as seen below. In the previous step, by increasing the distance between each set of dots, the circles you draw will slightly increase in size the further away from the centre you get.

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Step 4: Start Drawing Your Patterns

Now it’s time to get creative and begin designing your own skateboard deck art! Inside each of the circles you have drawn, it is time to now start designing some awesome patterns. Express your artistic side and start creating your masterpiece. Throw in some gorgeous swirls, some crazy zig-zags or some cool abstract shapes, the choice is completely yours! Get in the creative zone and go wild!

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Step 5: Time To Begin Painting

Once you finished drawing your wonderful designs and creations, now it is time to start painting. We would recommend you start by painting the centre of the skateboard deck and then make your way towards the edges. You have the complete creative freedom to use whatever colours you think may look best, as after all, it is your very own skateboard deck wall art that you are creating. Remember to let the paint dry once finished!

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Step 6: Hang To Your Skateboard Deck On The Wall

When the skateboard deck has been painted and has dried, your Mandala is complete! You should now have an awesome looking Mandala pattern on your skateboard deck. Using a Boards On The Wall Skateboard Deck Wall Mount, you can now hang it up on the wall in your home.

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A Mandala is just one of the many ways you design your own skateboard deck! When purchasing a Boards On The Skateboard Deck Art Kit, you will receive 3 blank boards, ready for you to begin designing.

You can choose to create whatever artwork you like, whether its a Mandala, your own name or some awesome patterns, you can design whatever you feel like designing!

All of the boards are compatible with our Skateboard Deck Wall Mount so all of your masterpieces can be used as skateboard deck wall art.