The Best Skateboard Brand Collaborations Of All Time

What’s better than one of your favourite skateboard brands releasing some new products? When two of your favourite brands come together and drop some unique, collaborative gear.

Over the years, there have been several, truly incredible collaborations involving skateboard brands and today, we take a look at some of the best brand collaborations of all time in the skateboarding world.


The North Face x Supreme

Although The North Face isn’t specifically a skateboarding brand, their products are very popular in the skateboarding world. And for Supreme, well, it is arguably the most iconic skateboarding brand to have ever existed. Therefore, as you can imagine, when these two brands come together, it creates an unprecedented amount of hype.

Back in 2007, the first The North Face x Supreme collaboration drop was released, featuring just two jackets. Ever since, the two brands have collaborated at least once a year dropping some of the most unique clothing items the skateboarding world has ever seen. The collabs between the two brands have become so sought after and popular, that within seconds of releasing all the products are sold out.

If you aren’t one of the lucky few who manage to purchase an item for its retail price, then your only option is to purchase the item from a reseller. However, resell prices can be rather extortionate, with items from the previous The North Face x Supreme collabs selling for up to £15,000.

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Santa Cruz x Star Wars

One of the best factors regarding collaborations is that it can bring together two brands you would never expect to work together. The perfect example of this would be the Santa Cruz x Star Wars collaboration. Back in 2014, Lucasfilm, the creators of the multi-billion dollar franchise, Star Wars, and the iconic skateboard creators, Santa Cruz, collaborated with one another to release a series of skateboard decks.

The skateboard decks were decorated with unique illustrated graphics of Star Wars characters and only 3,000 of each were released. As you can imagine, collectors and Star Wars fans were sent into a craze with the products selling out almost instantly. Since, the brands have collaborated together on other occasions releasing more limited skateboard decks and merchandise. The most recent collaboration between their pair was just last year in 2020.

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Palace Skateboards x Juventus (Adidas)

Despite only being established in 2009, Palace Skateboards has become one of the biggest and most popular clothing brands on the skating scene. Since, Palace Skateboards have collaborated with many other popular brands including: Ralph Lauren, Reebok Classic, Umbro and Adidas Originals Wimbledon.

However, arguably the best Palace Skateboards collaboration was their work with Juventus (Adidas) in 2019. Palace and Adidas worked together to create a fourth kit for one of the biggest and oldest clubs in the history of Football: Juventus. Despite being in the works for several months, the collaboration between the two was able to be kept under wraps all the way up until the reveal.

Prior to a match against Genoa, the Juventus stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo, arrived at the Allianz Stadium kitted out in the Palace x Juventus training gear, showcasing it to the world for the first time. Upon kick-off, the players removed their training gear to reveal the spectacular Palace x Juventus football jersey. The full collection saw a variety of jerseys, pullovers, training gear, caps and scarves released.

This was the first time a streetwear brand has collaborated with such a large sporting brand and has certainly paved the way for future streetwear/sports collabs. The Palace Skateboards x Juventus (Adidas) could go down as one of the most influential brand collabs of all time.